Lower risk development and production

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Quick facts about NU-Oil
Founded 2007
Sectors Oil and Gas
Core Activities Development and Production
Area of operation Global

Nu-Oil is a development and production company; we generate value from undeveloped discoveries and mature fields, using cost-effective, proven technologies and commercial structures to attract financing and secure field development approval. 

Nu-Oil target fields that have been thoroughly appraised and are located in basins with an existing supply chain and stable financial, political and regulatory regimes.  As a result we are not exposed to the risks associated with frontier plays, including exploration and appraisal.  

Nu-Oil will develop these assets using MFDevCo's cost-effective solutions, implemented in association with MFDevCo's Consortium of oil and gas specialists, which provides the skills and capability required to deliver projects.  Nu-Oil owns a 50% interest in MFDevCo. 

Nu-Oil is building a portfolio of development and production assets focusing on stranded and marginal discoveries, in addition to its existing licences in western Newfoundland.  Our existing licences are being developed with partners who cover 100% of the costs of development. You can read more about these assets in the Projects section.

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Generating value from undeveloped discoveries and producing fields