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Board Committees and Terms of Reference

Our committees, which are outlined below, operate within our terms of reference approved by the Directors. 

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee's mandate includes, among other duties and responsibilities: monitoring the financial reporting process and systems of internal control; monitoring the independence and performance of the external auditors; and, reviewing internal and year-end financial statements and other legal and regulatory filings for approval by the Board of Directors.

The committee comprises: Frank Jackson (Chairman) and Professor Mike Bowman.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee's mandate is to set the over-arching principles, parameters and governance framework of the Company’s remuneration policy and the remuneration of Senior Executives.

The committee comprises: Frank Jackson (Chairman) and Professor Mike Bowman.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee's mandate is to review the structure, size and composition of the Board and its Committees, and to review succession planning for Board and Senior Management. 

The committee comprises: Professor Mike Bowman (Chairman) and Frank Jackson.

Nomination Committee Terms of Reference

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