Nu-Oil is an independent oil and gas development and production company, who utilise alternative development approaches to create value from undeveloped and mature oil and gas assets.  Nu-Oil is building a portfolio of development and production assets with an emphasis on stranded and marginal fields which can be unlocked using cost-effective development solutions.  

Nu-Oil target fields that have significant resources but that are currently undervalued because the interest holders have been unable to identify a development approach that is commercially viable.  We work with MFDevCo, a company in which we hold a 50% interest, and the members of the Marginal Field Delivery Consortium to reassess the field and develop a commercially attractive development approach which can raise finance, transform the value of the field and enable the early booking of reserves.  

In return Nu-Oil, via MFDevCo, seek a field equity interest or a royalty in the projects, which we will develop with MFDevCo and which will be delivered by world-class specialists in the Marginal Field Delivery Consortium. 

You can read about our strategy for developing stranded or marginal fields here

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Generating value from undeveloped discoveries and producing fields