Why we target stranded and marginal fields?

We are building a portfolio of development and production assets with an emphasis on stranded and marginal fields.  Focusing on marginal fields offers the following advantages:

  • Worldwide market which will continue to grow as basins mature
  • Low associated exploration and appraisal risk
  • Low-cost entry to undervalued assets with significant value
  • Early booking of reserves through the demonstration of commercial field development
  • Untapped opportunities in stable commercial and regulatory environments, with political support for the development of marginal assets
  • Hedge against commodity price movements - population and size of marginal fields expand as oil prices fall whereas rising prices increase returns from existing projects and unlock smaller fields
  • Demonstration of new technologies which can be applied to reduce the development costs of larger fields

Stranded or marginal fields complement Nu-Oil's conventional projects located in Newfoundland and continue the company's commitment to generating value whilst minimising our capital exposure. 

Revenue and Value Generation

Leveraging MFDevCo's cost-effective solutions to unlock stranded and marginal fields enables Nu-Oil to access different sources of revenue and generate value for the company, our partners and interest holders.  Nu-Oil, via MFDevCo, will seek an field equity interest or a royalty in the projects in return for transforming undervalued assets. 

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Generating value from undeveloped discoveries and producing fields